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SCS Standards Releases SCS-115 Certification Standard for Product Carbon Intensity and Reduction for Chemicals and Co-products

SCS Global Services launches new certification program to support credibility of carbon intensity claims

SCS Standards Releases SCS-115 Certification Standard for Product Carbon Intensity and Reduction for Chemicals and Co-products

SCS Standards, a non-profit standard development organization, is pleased to announce the publication of SCS-115, Certification Standard for Product Carbon Intensity and Reduction for Chemicals and Co-products. SCS-115 was developed by SCS Standards in collaboration with Shell Chemicals, Berry Global Group, Inc., and X, the moonshot factory. The standard provides a methodology for third-party certification of the greenhouse gas intensity and reduction in carbon dioxide equivalents of a chemical material. SCS-115 applies to any chemical material used in a product for which a carbon intensity claim is being made, and to any organization who wishes to demonstrate the carbon intensity reduction of their products containing chemicals.  

The baseline calculation method used in the SCS-115 standard, follows ISO 14076:2018 covering all Kyoto Protocol gases, and ‘Together for Sustainability’ (TfS) guidance. The core standard provides the framework and methodology, while requirements specific to each decarbonization lever are contained in the separate modules (module A is published, modules B-E are in development): 

  • Module A: Renewable Electricity 
  • Module B: Biofeedstock and Recycled Content  
  • Module C: Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage 
  • Module D: Renewable Energy  
  • Module E: Asset Efficiency Improvement 

“SCS Standards commends the work of the standards development committee and the industry leaders, experts and stakeholders who collaborated, reviewed and commented on SCS-115.  These collective efforts have produced a credible, cradle-to-gate standard that will allow organizations to transparently and accurately communicate their decarbonizations efforts,” said Victoria Norman, Executive Director of SCS Standards, who led the multi-stakeholder standard development process. 

SCS Global Services, a global leader in the field of third-party certification, working across the economy in the natural resources, built environment, food safety and agriculture, consumer products and climate sectors, has conducted the first pilot certification under the SCS-115 standard and organizations can now submit applications to commence the certification process.  

“Our team of experts are ready to work with interested organizations by providing certification services under the SCS-115 standard which can be applied to all members of the supply chain including operators, suppliers, producers and processors who wish to make a claim about the carbon intensity of their product,” said Matt Rudolf, Vice President, Energy, Biomaterials and Circularity at SCS Global Services.  

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