Certified Sustainably Grown®

Distinguish Your Brand with the Most Comprehensive Standard for Sustainable Agriculture

The Value of Certified Sustainably Grown®

Certified Sustainably Grown is a robust claim that supports your brand, helping you stand out in the marketplace and providing you access to expanded markets. The detailed framework provides a complete roadmap to build resilience while satisfying the emerging market for environmental stewardship and social responsibility. It showcases the efforts of farmers to address today’s most important challenges such as water conservation, pollinator protection and climate adaptation. 

Certified Sustainably Grown is a respected, cost-effective option for achieving recognition without long waiting periods or licensing, marketing or per-box fees. The certification is applicable to agricultural crop production operations of all sizes around the world, including both conventional and organic. It is recognized by major retailers including Costco, Walmart, Aldi, Lidl and more. 

Producers whose operations are Certified Sustainably Grown can also make complimentary claims, all of which are built into the program requirements. 

Sustainably Grown Requirements

*Once relevant requirement is met

Join the growing number of farmers, grocery retailers, and food and beverage companies that use Certified Sustainably Grown to recognize innovation in sustainability, map risk in supply chains, and identify opportunities to improve practices.  Certification by a neutral third-party appeals to buyers and consumers and reinforces brand value. Once certified you have the choice either to use our popular Kingfisher certification logo on your products or simply integrate the Certified Sustainably Grown claim into your brand packaging.

The Certified Sustainably Grown framework is consistently ranked among the highest standards in independent surveys and is aligned with leading US and European initiatives. The certification program satisfies the Global Social Compliance Programme (GSCP), and is recognized by Unilever, the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH), and major brands as part of their sustainable sourcing policies. 

Comprehensive Approach

Sustainably Grown is a framework for comprehensive evaluation and continuous improvement. Metrics are divided into three categories:

비즈니스 무결성
  • Responsible Management Systems 
  • Legal Compliance 
  • 추적 성 및 투명성 
  • Business Accounting, Reporting, and Planning Product 
  • Quality and Safety
Sustainable Farming Practices
  • Crop and Pest Management
  • 토양 보존
  • 물 관리
  • Climate Neutrality
  • Air Quality and Stratospheric Ozone Protection
  • 생물 다양성 보호
  • 에너지 효율
  • Integrated Waste Management
Ethical Stewardship
  • Fair Work Agreements
  • Equitable Work Hours, Wages, and Benefits
  • No Child, Forced, or Coerced Labor
  • Non-Discrimination and Freedom of Association
  • Responsible Workforce Management
  • Workforce Health and Safety
  • Community Engagement

Go Above and Beyond With Trailblazer Claims

Certified producers have the option to pursue additional “Trailblazer” recognition demonstrating leadership in the following social and environmental categories: 


Regenerative Farming

생활 임금

Worker Empowerment

커뮤니티 개발

생물 다양성 챔피언

  • 인증 프로세스
  • 생산자를 위한 혜택
  • 응용 프로그램
  • 프로그램 문서
  1. Apply for certification 
    Fill out the SCS application form and sign the SCS Professional Services Agreement.
  2. Approve the work order 
    SCS generates a work order describing the audit scope and costs. Your approval sets the process in motion.
  3. Complete a self-assessment 
    Complete a Self-Assessment Checklist to help prepare you for the audit. SCS reviews your checklist and supporting documentation to help you identify gaps in conformance and areas for improvement.
  4. Receive an evaluation audit 
    The SCS auditor conducts an on-site audit, which includes an opening meeting, physical inspection of the site, review of documents and records, interviews with personnel, and a closing meeting
  5. Review and respond to audit findings 
    The auditor prepares and delivers a detailed audit report. You prepare a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) to respond to any non-conformities noted, listing corrective actions and evidence of implementation.
  6. Earn certification 
    The independent SCS assessor reviews the audit report and CAP, and then makes the certification decision. If certification is granted, you are issued a formal certificate, along with the SCS Kingfisher certification mark and logo use guidelines.
  1. 환경, 사회적, 경제적 지속가능성 성공 
  2. 시장에 대한 접근성 향상
  3. 브랜드 가치를 강화하고 경쟁업체와 차별화
  4. 위험 평가 및 수정
  5. 식품 안전 및 지속가능성 감사를 결합하여 비용 절감 및 감사 피로
  6. 지속적인 개선을 위한 명확한 내부 경로 구축 
  7. 운영 개선으로 인한 수익
  8. 국제 농장 노동 모범 사례에 부합 
  9. 직원의 사기를 강화하고 턴오버를 줄입니다. 
  10. 작동 크기 또는 위치에 관계없이 독립적인 인식의 혜택을 누리십시오. 
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