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SCS Global Services Celebrates Founder’s Day - Event Recognizes Late Leader Stan Rhodes and 40 Years in Business

Dr. Stan Rhodes to receive congressional commendation at celebration for staff

Founders Day logo with a portrait of Dr. Stan Rhodes

SCS Global Services celebrated its 40th anniversary on the birthday of its founder and CEO, the late Dr. Stanley P. Rhodes. Staff gathered at the company headquarters in Emeryville, CA and around the globe via livestream to recognize the company’s many accomplishments as a pioneer and leader in the field of environmental and sustainability certification and standards development, and to pay homage to the man that led them with a day of environmental service.

The celebration, which kicked off with an assembly, featured company, public and private sector speakers, including senior SCS executives Jim Knutzon and Linda Brown, Emeryville City Councilman Kalimah Priforce, and Brian Durkee, CEO of longtime Bay Area ally Numi Tea. The event also featured special commendations for Dr. Rhodes from Congresswoman Barbara Lee (District 12) as well as from Alameda County. Following the morning assembly, staff participated in clean-up activities along the San Francisco Bay adjacent to SCS headquarters, a nod to Earth Day and SCS’ core commitment to environment protection. SCS staffers around the world likewise participated in clean-up actions, all in support of’s #GreatGlobalCleanup.

“What began as a small company at a kitchen table in 1984 has evolved into one of the world’s leading third-party sustainability auditing and standards-setting bodies. None of this could have been achieved without Stan’s leadership,” said Jim Knutzon, SCS’ acting CEO and board chairman. “Stan was a visionary scientist and unwavering champion of environmental and social responsibility, but did not seek the limelight himself. He would be very gratified to know of the commendations from Congressman Lee and the County of Alameda.”

“As we look back today on 40 years of achievement, we are grateful for Stan’s leadership, and proud of our client’s accomplishments to date,” said Linda Brown, senior vice president and company co-founder. “Yet as Stan would be the first to point out, there is much more work to do to. Our team is ready to roll up our sleeves to help drive sustainable development over the coming decades.”

“We are proud that SCS’ many contributions to a more sustainable economy have been centered right here in Emeryville for more than half of its 40 years,” said Emeryville City Councilman Kalimah Priforce.

Joseph Hansen, Field Representative from Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s office presented its commendation to Stan’s daughter, Sahar Priano, at the event. Ms. Priano, an economist based in Washington DC, serves on the SCS Board of Directors. The commendation recognized Dr. Rhodes’ outstanding contributions over a lifetime of service, making the world a safer and healthier place for all.

In addition, Amy Shrago, Chief of Staff for Alameda County Supervisor Keith Carson, presented a separate county commendation for Stan’s many contributions.

SCS has a roster of more than 15,000 clients, mostly in the private sector, many of whom represent the vanguard of sustainable thinking. One long-time client and ally, Numi Tea, which is also based in Alameda County, was on-hand to offer its own perspective.

“Numi Tea is proud to be part of Founder’s Day honoring the late Stan Rhodes,” said Numi Tea CEO Brian Durkee. “Stan inspired so many of us to think bigger, bolder, create new standards, and push the boundaries. The work we did with SCS over two decades resulted in standardized fair labor practices and sustainable sourcing for our tea which is key to our promise to our customers.”

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