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SCS Global Services Approved as First Certification Body for Aquaculture Stewardship Council's Pioneering New Feed Certification

Aquaculture Stewardship Council Approves SCS Global Services as First Certification Body for Pioneering New Feed Certification

SCS Global Services, the world’s leading 3rd party certification body, has become the first auditor accredited to provide certification for Aquaculture Stewardship Council’s (ASC) Feed Standard. The certification represents a significant step forward in promoting greater environmental and social responsibility within the aquaculture industry. 

As the leading 3rd party certification body, SCS Global Services (SCS) brings its unmatched expertise and credibility to the certification process for aquaculture feed. SCS follows ASC’s robust and comprehensive Feed Standard requirements to evaluate and assess the entire feed production process, from raw material sourcing to feed formulation and production. 

By setting strict requirements for the sourcing of all major feed ingredients, the certification program aims to protect marine ecosystems, conserve biodiversity, reduce deforestation and land conversion (both legal and illegal), and promote sustainable seafood farming practices. 

“SCS Global Services is committed to fostering sustainable practices across various industries, and this collaboration enables us to contribute our expertise to the aquaculture sector," said Jason Swecker, Managing Director of Seafood at SCS Global Services. 

Alexandra Warrington, Senior Coordinator, Feed Standard at ASC, relayed that “Ensuring the feed used in seafood farming is sourced responsibly is essential to moving aquaculture towards more sustainable practices. ASC’s Feed Standard requires that feed mills meet strict environmental and social requirements; source ingredients from socially responsible suppliers; and use environmentally responsible raw materials. ASC certified farms now have until October 2025 to change their supply of feed to come from mills that have been certified against the Feed Standard - feed mills that get certified in 2024 will not have to pay license fees on the volume of compliant feed they produce this calendar year.” 

The goal is clear for both SCS and ASC that implementation of responsible feed practices in seafood farming will foster a more resilient aquaculture industry. All industry stakeholders, including feed manufacturers and seafood farmers, are invited to actively participate in the adoption of this innovative certification. 

For more information about SCS Global Services' new ASC Feed Standard certification, please visit our website here or contact Jason Swecker at [email protected] or at +1 510-495-6421. 

About SCS Global Services 

SCS Global Services is the world's leading 3rd party auditor, providing trusted certification, auditing, and sustainability solutions to diverse industries. With a track record spanning over 30 years, SCS empowers organizations to achieve their sustainability objectives through rigorous assessments and certifications. SCS is committed to driving environmental, social, and economic well-being worldwide. 

About Aquaculture Stewardship Council 

ASC is driving the world’s leading certification program for responsibly farmed seafood. 

ASC is leading the transformation of the seafood farming industry towards environmental sustainability and social responsibility by setting the most robust standards and providing the highest assurance, integrity and transparency throughout the supply chain. 

ASC’s vision is a world where aquaculture plays a major role in supplying food and social benefits for humanity while minimizing negative impacts on the environment. ASC’s standards ensure that seafood with the ASC label has been farmed with care. 

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