Product Carbon Intensity and Reduction

For Chemicals and Co-Products

What is the Product Carbon Intensity and Reduction Standard?

The SCS-115 Certification Standard for Product Intensity and Reduction is a cradle-to-gate standard that provides a methodology for third-party certification of the greenhouse gas intensity and reduction in carbon dioxide equivalents of a chemical material. SCS-115 applies to any chemical material used in a product for which a carbon intensity claim is being made. 
SCS-115 certification is for any organization that wishes to demonstrate and transparently communicate to customers and stakeholders, the carbon intensity reduction of their products containing chemicals.  
The baseline calculation method used in the SCS-115 standard, follows ISO 14076:2018 covering all Kyoto Protocol gases, and ‘Together for Sustainability’ (TfS) guidance. The core standard provides the framework and methodology, while requirements specific to each decarbonization lever are contained in the separate modules (module A is published, modules B-E are in development): 
•    Module A: Renewable Electricity 
•    Module B: Biofeedstock and Recycled Content  
•    Module C: Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage 
•    Module D: Renewable Energy  
•    Module E: Asset Efficiency Improvement

The SCS Advantage

SCS Global Services is a pioneer and global leader in the carbon, climate, environmental and sustainability claims verification and certification sectors, as well as auditing, testing and standard development. We have certified all elements of the value chain from raw material to finished products from a variety of brands and companies around the world. SCS brings 40 years of experience working in nearly every sector of the economy to inform work in certifying the GHG intensity and reduction for chemical products. Based on our Quality Assurance Customer Surveys and feedback, SCS stands out for the exceptional quality of our work; the ethics, reliability, and thoroughness of our auditors; and our quick response and follow-up to all inquiries and ongoing requests for information. 

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The SCS-115 Standard applies to: 

  • All members of the supply chain (i.e., operators) who produce, or process gaseous, liquid, and solid fuels, chemicals, polymers, or plastics and the products made from them, who wish to make a claim about the carbon intensity of their product.
  • Operators and suppliers of products or solutions to reduce the carbon intensity of fossil materials such as, and not limited to renewable electricity, renewable hydrogen, biobased materials, recycled materials and carbon capture utilization and storage, who wish to make a claim about the carbon intensity of their products or the carbon reduction potential of their solutions.

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